3E Program for Social Justice and Change

Program for Social Justice and change

3E Program for Social Justice and Change

The 3E program is an online U.S History Course that is inclusive of African American History. With Google Classroom integration, instructors can implement the 3E Program in their classrooms. Parents looking for a supplementary Black History course, can enroll their young scholars into our self-paced online program. The only thing required is computer and internet access. The 3E Program for Social Justice and Change consists of middle and high school lessons and activities, and complementary film segments that teach United States history and the current state of America.

The program delves deep into the unjust treatment of African Americans and other BIPOC communities. Each lesson guides students through a critical thinking process that encourages them to make claims based on relevant facts and evidence presented in the program materials and resources. The program promotes Ethics, Empathy, and Empowerment. Lessons assist students in unmasking the harsh realities and building towards a new legacy free of racism and historical omissions or distortions.

Upcoming 3E Program Field Trip

The 3E Program for Social Justice and Change is excited to bring 3E Program students to The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL in Spring of 2024, under the Legacy Scholars Program! Enrolled students and alumni are eligible to attend on a first come first serve basis.


The 3E Program for Social Justice and Change African American History course is making an impact. Press play, to watch and listen to what parents and students are have to say. 


  • Ethics

    Defines who we are as individuals or collectively as a society. The decisions we make have an impact on the well-being of others. The 3E Program presents historical evidence that guides students to think critically, in order to form their own opinions and assess right vs wrong.

  • Empathy

    One of the most important skills a person can have because it allows an individual to connect to another on a more personal level. The 3E Program provides opportunities for students to engage in tasks that guide them to understand and relate to the attitudes and emotions of communities subjected to generational trauma and tragedies. 

  • Empowerment

    Self-determination and confidence are the key to empowerment. 3E lesson plans encourage students to advocate and act on behalf of their own interests, or that of their community, by participating in civic engagement tasks such as writing a congressional bill, developing community proposals, strategizing social awareness campaigns, and creating public service announcements. 


99% of students that completed the 3E Program

- increased their knowledge in U.S History

- gained an understanding of the current social climate in America

65.5 % of these students drastically increased their knowledge

This means the scores from their assessment taken at the beginning of the program increased dramatically when they took the assessment again at the end of the course

80 % of students felt empowered to make positive changes in their communities

75 % of students increased in empathy

3E Program Classwork Highlight

Our 3E Program students learned about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment conducted on Black men. This study was the longest non-therapeutic experiment on human beings in medical history. After the experiment was exposed, guidelines were put in place to prevent anything like this from happening again. As a class, we reviewed the Medical Code of Ethics established by the American Medical Association. We found a clause that still leaves room for discrimination. We decided to collectively write a letter to the AMA to address the loophole, in hopes of making a change.  The AMA President, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, responded to our letter to let us know what the AMA is doing to address the problem. 

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Artwork

“Treatment for Bad Blood”

Read the letter students wrote to the AMA

Click the pdf link below to view
the AMA's response

View our student portfolio

The 3E Program for Social Justice and Change is sponsored by Education Testing Services

Inspired by Art & Activism

The 3E Program uses media clips from activist, filmmaker, and educator Brandi Webb’s award-winning documentary, Betrayal of a Nation. Betrayal of a Nation is a documentary that chronicles U.S history in the format of a trial as it relates to oppressive forces that have plagued Black and Brown communities. In her own quest to research her African American origins, Webb spent four years compiling research and interviewing historians and civil rights activists to get an accurate understanding of the plight of Black and Brown citizens in America. These findings are presented in the Betrayal of a Nation documentary.
For more info on Betrayal of a Nation, or to screen the film at your school or organization, visit  www.betrayalofanation.com and send an inquiry via the contact form.
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