3E Program for Social Justice and Change

Program for Social Justice and change

Supporting Article Links For 3E Program Lesson Plans

Below is a list of links to supporting articles to be used with 3E lesson plans. The most updated version of these links can be found here. To access 3E Program Lesson Plans, you must order or sign up for the program
America: The First Crime Lesson 1.2
Overview of the First Americans  
Indian Treaties and the Removal Act of 1830  

Did Colonists Give Infected Blankets to Native Americans as Biological Warfare? By Patrick J. Kiger

Oppressed By Design Lesson 1.2
Lynching In America

The Emmett Till Story
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Lesson 1.2
Understanding and Ameliorating Medical Mistrust Among Black Americans by Martha Hostetter and Sarah Klein
Execution of Civil Rights Leaders Lesson 1.2
FBI document on COINTELPRO
American Dream Lesson 1.2 
“The American Dream” is dead, and barely existed to begin with
Good School, Rich School; Bad School, Poor School   
Mass Incarceration Lesson 1.2
Punishment for Profit: The economics of mass incarceration
Wounds From Incarceration that Never Heal

Police Brutality Lesson 1.2
Policing in America: Understanding Public Attitudes toward the Police, Results from a National Survey

How To Write an Op Ed or Column

Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989) 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ending Qualified Immunity

Implicit Bias

Making people aware of their implicit biases doesn’t usually change minds. But here’s what does work
Reparations Lesson 1.2
Black Families Have Inherited Trauma, but We Can Change That by Timothy J Legg PhD.CRNP

Intergenerational trauma is ‘pain’ passed down generations, hurting Black people’s health by Olivia Bowden.