3E Program for Social Justice and Change

Program for Social Justice and change

Available Opportunities

Who We Are: 

The 3E Program is changing the way U.S. history is taught in classrooms. Rooted in Social Justice, we are a team of activists, artists, and teachers. Our mission is to support teachers in building a legacy free of racism. Our lesson plan content, resources, and videos, engage middle and high school students in deep discussions that are free of historical omission and distortion. Our curriculum covers a variety of topics that explore historical and current events that impact African American and other marginalized communities. 

Our foundation is built on Ethics, Empathy, and Empowerment. Our classroom resources don’t just teach history, they guide students to think critically, form their own opinions, and assess right vs wrong. The 3E Program allows students to explore who they are as individuals or collectively as a society, and how their decisions have an impact on the well-being of others. Once students have gained the cognitive skills taught, they are encouraged to advocate on behalf of their own interests, or that of their community, by participating in civic engagement actions.

Virtual U.S. History 3E Teacher

If you are creative, energetic, love teaching, and are seeking an innovative approach to delivering quality instruction to middle and high school students, we would love to have you on our team. We want teachers who can help students recognize that knowing the past is crucial to understanding one’s future. We are currently looking for a part-time History teacher who is comfortable using technology as a tool for teaching. The ideal candidate will bring their expertise and passion to the 3E Program when implementing our lesson plans.  If you believe you would be a great fit for the 3E Program and meet the job requirements, we would love for you to apply.

Job Summary: 

  • Implement 3E program (lessons, videos, assessments, homework)
  • Provide high-quality instruction live instruction to homeschool students in grades 6-12
  • Communicate with parents and students to provide program support
  • Participate in required professional development
  • Uphold the foundation and principles of the 3E Program
  • Maintain a portfolio of student work and progress
  • Periodic check-in with 3E Administrators


  • Availability of 4 hours ( 2 hours, 2 days per week)  Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm EST
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in the United States
  • Active teaching certificate for grades 6-12
  • Past experience working with students middle or high school level
  • Familiarity with learning styles and modalities
  • An energetic and engaging personality 
  • Submit a writing sample of 200 words describing why you would be a good fit for the 3E program.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Apply: Send a resume, copy of teaching certificate, and cover letter to jobs@3eprogram.com