3E Program for Social Justice and Change

Program for Social Justice and change


Frequently Asked Questions about the 3E Program

What’s the difference between the middle and high school versions of the program?
The distinction between middle and high school lessons is the type of research the students are required to complete. While lessons for both levels are rigorous, the distinction lies in the form of questioning and lessons are based on state standards (New York State).

Is the 3E Program accredited?
No, the program is a supplemental curriculum that can be used in any accredited school. The course can also be used as a homeschool curriculum for U.S history when approved from the state.

Why should I choose 3E Program for Social Justice and Change?
This program goes beyond what is taught in traditional schools and is an excellent addition to the current history programs that omit or gloss over the historical events included in the program. The nine topics explored are The American Dream, America’s 1st Crime, Black Wall Street, Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration, The Execution of Civil Rights Leaders, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, The Tulsa Race Massacre, and Reparations. The students are led to take informed action after critically thinking about the events that occurred in the past in hopes of eliminating generational curses that plague us today. Calls to action, public service announcements, and  organizing protests and campaigns within their community are a few of the actions they can choose as part of their social responsibility. 3E Program students also get opportunities to attend civil rights activists’ speaking engagements and cultural trips such as Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma.  

Does the Program offer professional development for schools and organizations using the program?
Professional development is optional and can be offered to teachers or administrators using the program. It can be virtual or in person training. Price varies based on the type of development requested (one on one, small or large groups) and the amount of hours needed for training.

Will there be additional 3E courses in the future?
The creators of the program wanted to start small and launch one course at a time. We intend to add other classes in the future based on history and other curriculum areas taught in school. We will also offer courses based on demand.

What platform does the program use?

Currently, we google classroom for a self-paced yet interactive experience.

Is there a textbook?

Our 3E Program textbook is offered as a pdf document for teachers. The textbook corresponds with and  is comprised of course lesson plans used throughout the  google classroom. for a hard copy of the textbook, a special request can be made and an additional fee may be required.

Rather than using the entire program, can I just assign certain topics?

You can, however in order for your students to receive the maximum benefits of the program, it is strongly recommended they complete the full course. Students that do not complete the entire course are not eligible to receive a certificate nor to become program ambassadors.

Can I assign lessons and activities out of sequence?

Yes, just be aware that the lessons are in timeline order to help students gain and understand the full picture; how one thing evolved into another.

How long will it take my students to complete the entire program?

It really depends on how frequently, your student is accessing the program, but on average we feel 4-6 months is enough time to  complete the course.

Do my students get certificates?

Certificates are granted only to students that have successfully completed the course.

Are my students eligible to become ambassadors

Students who have successfully completed the course are eligible to become ambassadors. More details on this process are provided in the google classroom once you have enrolled in the program.  

Is the online course taught live?

No. Lessons are self-paced, and consist of recorded videos that guide students through lessons and activities.

What kind of support does a virtual teacher provide to students?  Students enrolled in our homeschooled course are assigned a virtual 3E teacher. Teacher support consists of guiding students through the lessons, answering questions, assigning homework and tasks, providing feedback on assignments, and engaging parent or student needs via email correspondence. Phone assistance is available at the discretion and availability of both, the student and teacher.

Is there an attendance requirement?
The program course is self-paced, allowing students the flexibility to work on their own schedule. There is no attendance requirement, the only requirement is that the course is successfully completed with the semester.

Will I need to purchase books or materials for my courses?
Students will need to purchase the supplies necessary to complete the tasks. Some of the supplies listed are notebooks, writing tools, laptop, etc. A list of supplies for each lesson will be generated by the program teacher.

What technology will be needed to participate in the 3E program?
The technology needed to participate is a computer, laptop, or tablet that has updated software with access to google classroom. When an activist speaking engagement is scheduled, students will need to access Zoom, or Google Meet. 

My child is not homeschooled. Can I use the 3E Program as an addition to the work given by my child’s school?
Absolutely! The 3E Program can be used as an exclusive homeschooling course or a supplemental course.

How long will it take my child to complete the program?

It depends on how frequently, your child is accessing the program and submitting the assignments. Oaverage we feel 4-6 months is enough time to  complete the course, We allow students the full semester to complete all tasks and assignments.

How does my child get a certificate?

Certificates are granted only to students that have successfully completed the course.

Is my child eligible to become an ambassador

Students who have successfully completed the course are eligible to become ambassadors. More details on this process are provided in the google classroom once your child has been enrolled in the program.  

Can I receive a refund? The purchase of the program is nonrefundable; however, we are currently offering a 2 week trial period for teachers and parents. Only teachers can try out program without enrolling and must send a request to info@3eprogram.com. There is a verification process for teachers.  Parents must enroll their child in the program for the 2 week trial. If parent is not satisfied with the program, they must request a refund within the trial period. Review our refund policy

I have a media request. How can I reach out to someone to interview about the 3E program? Submit your request to media@3eprogam.com

Can I screen Betrayal of a Nation at my school or organization? You may schedule a screening of the film and talk back with the film’s director, by sending a request to yet2evolve@gmail.com. Screenings and talk back discussions can be virtual or in person.

How can I become a 3E Teacher?
If you wish to become a member of the 3E teaching staff, go to the jobs sections on the homepage and complete the form. You will be contacted for next steps, an interview, or other options.

Are you seeking curriculum writers for future courses?
As we expand, we will need to increase our team of curriculum writers. If you have outside of the box curriculum ideas for lessons that fit into our 3E Program foundation and would like to join our team, check our jobs page for updates and send an email to info@3eprogram.com.

What if I have additional questions about the 3E program?
Submit your questions via email to info@3eprogram.com. We generally reply to inquiries within 24 -48 hours