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New History Program Serves Up Anti-Racist Curriculum for Schools, Using Award Winning Media Unmasking Tuskegee Experiment, Tulsa Race Massacre, and More
Educators Brandi Webb and Melody Michaux develop a history program for middle and high school students, free of distortions and omitted truths, with a goal to build a new legacy free of racism. 
NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Film director and educator Brandi Webb collaborated with veteran educator Melody Michaux, to develop the 3E Program for Social Justice and Change. The 3E Program is a U.S History curriculum resource that provides middle and high school educators with lesson plans, resources, assessments, and video segments and uses New York state standards as a basis. These standards fall in line with social studies requirements in many other states. Video segments used to accompany 3E Program lessons are from Webb’s award winning documentary, Betrayal of a Nation. Film topics addressed include the American Dream, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, the Tulsa Race Massacre, and Reparations, along with five other topics. With a focus on Ethics, Empathy, and Empowerment, the program offers instructors an opportunity to provide their students an in-depth examination of historical events that have impacted African Americans and People of Color. These events have been lightly touched on, distorted, or omitted altogether in conventional U.S History syllabi. The goal of the 3E Program is to build a new legacy free of racism.
Betrayal of a Nation is an experimental documentary that chronicles U.S History in the format of a trial and indicts U.S agencies on charges related to the oppression of Black and Brown citizens. The film received awards from the People’s Film Festival, IndieFilm Fest, and has screened at several festivals during 2021. After viewing the documentary, Michaux and other participants expressed a need for the film to be shown in schools as a learning resource for students. In response to the overwhelming demand to have the film’s topics integrated into school curricula, Webb and Michaux created the 3E Program.
Administrators from schools and organizations, teachers, and parents that are homeschooling, can access the subscription based program online at www.3eprogram.com. Professional development is offered to schools who wish to implement the program in their classrooms. The 3E Program for Social Justice and Change also provides virtual classes of the history curriculum for homeschooled students, taught by 3E Program educators. Virtual classes begin November 28th.
“Ms. Webb’s research and vision brilliantly takes students on a journey that fills many gaps in African American history,” stated Michael Oby, Professor at Clark Atlanta University.
Brandi Webb has been producing and directing film and theater for 17 years. She worked as a teacher for the NYC Department of Education, taught film and theater for various organizations, and committed her time and talent to activism, filming protests and events for social justice organizations. Melody Michaux served as an educator, curriculum writer, and educational consultant, spanning 35 years of service with the NYC Department of Education and the Atlanta Public Schools. She founded The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Academy in Atlanta, a single gender school.
To learn more about the 3E Program for Social Justice and Change, visit www.3eprogram.com.
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